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Case #2012-ML1175

Willis Thomas, Plaintiff vs.State of Man Law, Defendant

Court of Man Law Violations

Plaintiff's Evidence

Airport wait!

Rule of Law

A good friend has an obligation to pick you up at the airport!

Case Summary

I have known my friend, lets call him Allen, for several years, we are in school together, and we hang out on a regular basis. He would be considered a close friend, and I think he would consider me the same. However, he is one of those guys that are selfish and is not the most considerate. Don’t get me wrong, he is a cool dude and fun to hang out with, but is not always looking to be the best guy friend he can be!

That being said, last week I was flying in from a long trip and I had scheduled for a airport pick up with another friend. When I landed I called my other friend several times with no response. I waited about 45 min, and finally my friend I had scheduled to pic me up was calling to say he had a flat tire on his car and was having problems with spare. So I called Allen, it was about 9am so not crazy early, and he would not answer his phone. Finally, after about 30 min he called me back and I asked if he could come and get me from the airport cause our other friend had a flat. “He was like dude wait for him I am tired.” I was like really? He kept complaining that he was so tired. Finally, the other friend was on the other line so I asked Allen to hold. I picked up the other line and my friend said it was going to be a long time cause he needed a tow and asked to see if Allen could get me cause he was close. So I tried to get back on line with Allen and he had hung up! I called him back, and he didn’t answer for like 25 min. Finally, I get ahold of him and I am like I need you to come get me. So finally he says he will come, keep in mind I have been there for like 2 hours at this point. I would have taken a taxi, but I live like an hour and half from airport and its expensive.

Allen, does finally come like 45 min later and complains a bunch. My question, is it me or does Allen owe a close friend an obligation to get up and pick him at the airport ASAP! I feel like if your close buddy needs a ride and you are not busy, then you have a obligation to get up and pick him up. What do you think?

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5 responses to “Willis Thomas vs. State of Man Law”

  1. I would say yes, but if you haven’t offered him beer, then I’d say it’s on you. If you ask for a favor, a promise of repayment, or a case of beer should be offered forthwith.

  2. Zack Cordova says:

    This is a man law violation! If your that close of friends, and you hang out on a regular basis, then he has an obligation to pick you up. “It ain’t easy having pals” as the saying goes.

  3. Seamus O'Toole says:

    That would be considered a serious violation of Man Law. A Bro does not leave a Bro hanging….

  4. Maria Smith says:

    Thank you for the article.

    Great blog that I enjoyed reading.

  5. B Keyes says:

    Last time Allen moved residences, were you there helping at all? (Being out of state would exempt you from having had participated).

    If you helped, then YES, Allen has obligation to come pick you up.

    If you didnt help cause you went out with whatshername instead. Consider this a learning opportunity. You reap what you sow.

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