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Case #2013-ML1335

The CAD Team, Plaintiff vs.Eric, Defendant

Court of Man Law Violations

Rule of Law

Failure to maintain control of his verbal context in the company of other males

Case Summary

Eric M. is a habitual man-law violator. He is known for making weird sexual comments or jesters during conversations with his co-workers at the office. The other male members on the CAD team he works with are constantly pointing this out to him during the day. We recommend that he is sentence to be given the nickname “S3FN3D” (Super Freak Freak Freakin’ Nasty Downright Dirty Deacon)

From the Bench

A ruling has not yet been issued on this case.

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4 responses to “The CAD Team vs. Eric”

  1. Zack Cordova says:

    Eric M… this kid is a man law violator!!! We all know guys like this… sorry… but its douchy and a man law violation!

  2. Tony Jenkins says:

    any man who complains about another mans language / sexual refrences , or takes offense to them ( not counting homosexual advances ) should check himself. be a man , however , a man should also give respect when a woman is present.

  3. Ivon Gregory says:

    I enjoyed your wonderful blog.

    Thank you for the very hard work done.

  4. JD Storm says:

    the co-worker and the complainer are both in violation. the complainer should never complain about the language other men are making. the co-worker also needs to be reminded that there are times and places where language needs to be controlled.

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