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Case #2013-ML1350

steamtrain6868, Plaintiff vs., Defendant

Court of Man Law Violations

Rule of Law

A mans house is his castle (Right to smoke inside)

Case Summary

Every night while I am walking my dog I see men (and always men never women) standing on their front lawns having a smoke. I ask them what they are doing and they say that there wife does not want them smoking in the house. Now if its really their house and if the Man Law of a mans house is his castle are these hen-pecked men in violation of the law

From the Bench

A ruling has not yet been issued on this case.

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2 responses to “steamtrain6868 vs.”

  1. Jason says:

    Unless in a place of female nuisance (salon, etc), a gathering of men for the purpose of smoking rolled tobacco is NEVER a man law violation. Your envy of this manly activity rather than bringing some stogies by and offering a manly gesture of friendship suggests that you are actually the one on a leash at home, not your canine. You owe them some cigars for condescending their man gathering.

  2. Maria Smith says:

    Thank you very much for your blog.

    I enjoyed reading this article.

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