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Case #2012-ML1209

Karl Stevenson, Plaintiff vs.State of Man Law, Defendant

Court of Man Law Violations

Plaintiff's Evidence

Trying to score tickets!

Rule of Law

Men must keep their game ticket promises

Case Summary

Like many of you out there… I have that one friend that has access to tickets. I mean my friend seems to get tickets to everything!

Well, there seems to be a common theme with my friend. He brags about the tickets he has, then promises me that he will take me. As usual, when the day arrives he has an excuse or something went wrong and my ticket is no longer available. This last time was the worst!

I know that he has access to tickets and so I asked if he could score tickets to the SEC championship game. I was totally down to pay, and he assured me he could get them. He said to not worry about it that the tickets were on him. When the week of the game came around he started acting kinda shady. Finally, two days before he says that he wasn’t able to get me a ticket. So this whole time I was waiting for a ticket and I totally missed out!

I know that at the end of the day its my responsibility to get the tickets for myself, and since I wasn’t paying anything I shouldn’t complain. However, I totally would have paid! I feel like if you promise another guy tickets for the big game and you do not come through your a man law violator! What do you think?

From the Bench

A ruling has not yet been issued on this case.

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4 responses to “Karl Stevenson vs. State of Man Law”

  1. Zack Cordova says:

    I would say this is a violation. I mean, as friends and pals we have a obligation to do the best we can to help each other. Thus, I think he is a little douchy not coming through with the tickets!

  2. Tony Jenkins says:

    Dont mess with a man and his sports.

  3. Seamus O'Toole says:

    Its especially heinous since it was the SEC Championship…RTR!!!

  4. Maria Smith says:

    Thank you very much for your blog.

    I enjoyed reading this article.

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