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Case #2012-ML1016

Ethan Tremblay, Plaintiff vs.Chris Brady, Defendant

Court of Man Law Violations

Plaintiff's Evidence

Bromance vs. Romance
See... no "I love you's" between men!
my point exactly!
man law

Rule of Law

Two men should not say “I love you” to one another!

Case Summary

I have known Chris for 25 years, and he has been a close friend the whole time. He is also a guy that knows every single person in town and I do not know how. He is a nice guy, and as a bartender has people come in just to see him at his job. However, I believe that he is to affectionate with myself and other men. Chris likes to say “I love you” after every phone conversation, when your leaving his house, or when he is leaving the car. I believe this is a man law violation! Two men should not say I love you to one another! I know we are close friends, but he says it to everyone. I love you between men is a violation because it diminishes what I love you means when you really mean it. You may love hanging out with your boys, or even genuinely care for them and would die for you boys, but that is different then the way you love you mother, father, brother, sister, or girlfriend or wife. I want to know what other guys think?

From the Bench

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8 responses to “Ethan Tremblay vs. Chris Brady”

  1. Robert hale says:

    For friends “i love you” is definitely a no go but incase of family like our fathers brothers uncles cousins and grandfathers as long as its said in private and for good reason not just random then it is permissible ….. like wise the frequency of this case is unexcusable

  2. No self respecting man says “I love you” to another man, PERIOD!

  3. Zack Cordova says:

    Agreed with the both! Saying “I love you” between two non-related men is a straight Man Law violation! This needs to be address, because I have a friend who says it to me… and frankly i feel a little weird about it!

  4. Justin B says:

    The love between bros is understood but never spoken.

  5. Jason says:

    His violation is situational. In everyday social interaction, the bond of friendship is implied and is not something that an “I love you” needs to be added to when departing. In times of great heartache (death, etc) then verbalizing this love is acceptable. It’s also acceptable between father and son at any time. He is also clearly insecure about his friendships–another violation.

  6. Joe says:

    So if its not the same as you love your mother are you implying you FUCK your mother as opposed to a FAMILY type of love YOUR definition of love is based on sexual desire all across the board and I think your friend may view saying love as an indication of I you never know what may happen and you might not get the chance to say it do you tell your BROTHER you love him? Its the same damn thing

  7. Maria Smith says:

    Thank you for the article.

    Great blog that I enjoyed reading.

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