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Case #2014-ML1351

esco1972, Plaintiff vs.Joseph Godley, Defendant

Court of Man Law Violations

Rule of Law

Has more than one favorite baseball team and picks favorite teams based on hif favorite colors not hometown loyalty.

Case Summary

My buddy Joe Godley has admitted that his favorite teams are the Chicago Bulls, San Francisco 49ers, St.Louis Cardinals, NY Yankees, Uconn women basketball but not Uconn men’s team, Syracuse univ .Football team and Noryh carolina mens basketball team. Violations include no hometown or regional loyalty, liking more than one team in Major League Baseball and liking 3 separate college teams.

From the Bench

A ruling has not yet been issued on this case.

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  • VirginiaJim

    I vote YES – one can only like one team from each sport. Furthermore, one’s choice of team should be based on regional loyalty. In the case of college ball, there should be some connection to the school. For example, I’m a Gallaudet Athletics fan (GO BISONS!) because both my parents graduated from that school.