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Case #2012-ML1272

Delvin Lister, Plaintiff vs.State of Man Law, Defendant

Court of Man Law Violations

Plaintiff's Evidence

Man Law!

Rule of Law

Men Should Never Sing Girl Songs in the car!

Case Summary

My man Rj thinks he is a great singer! He will sing anywhere we go. It is so annoying sometimes, but he just thinks he is great and it helps if he sings. I do not think it is a man law violation to sing songs in general, but if your singing Beyonce in the car with other guys… thats a man law violation? Right? He argues that if its in a car its ok… just cant do it in public. Please someone say this is a man law violation!

From the Bench

A ruling has not yet been issued on this case.

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5 responses to “Delvin Lister vs. State of Man Law”

  1. Zack Cordova says:

    Not a man law violation… as long as it is not within earshot of the public!

  2. Could swing either way. The deciding factor is what the song is about. If it is a sappy love song at no time may a man sing it with other men in the car.

    • Dan Reid says:

      I concur, with the added qualification of what octave the man in question is singing in. Falsetto is a violation in all cases except Freddie Mercury

  3. Justin B says:

    Chick songs are in the same category as chick flicks. Violation.

  4. B Keyes says:

    Who the hell doesn’t like Beyonce ?

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