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People v. Jeff Smith, (Puerto Peñsaco, Mexico 2010). Twelve male law students have just arrived at their beach front villa for spring break. Everyone has already prepaid his share months ago except for Jeff, who, to the shock of none, still needed to “get the money”. Had Jeff read Man Law, he would have been invited back to spring break next year.

Jeff’s actions illustrate how the tacit agreement that exists among gentlemen has eroded to the point that it is in danger of being forever lost. Sure, most men are familiar with “man law” as depicted in the hilarious Miller Lite commercials and as the basis for the laugh out loud, NY Times best seller, The Bro Code. But, nobody has ever written it down in a way that provides both sincere guidance and entertainment.

So what type of book can legitimize adhering to the principles of “man law” (AKA “bro code”, “code of the streets”), and, at the same time, still be quite comical? The answer is a legal-inspired yet entertaining casebook written from the perspective of young lawyers. The book will be composed of a series of everyday true-life disputes gathered by cases filed by YOU and other men throughout the country from all walks of life. We ask that men share their own “Jeff” stories ranging from the time when a guy “coincidentally” did not answer the phone even though he knew his friend needed a ride to the airport to the guy who promises tickets to a big playoff game but, at the last minute, can only find a ticket for himself. Because just about every man has been the victim of a man law violation, it will be very straightforward to gather hundreds of stories and then select the most original and humorous incidents to be used as the premise for the various “cases”.  This approach will finally bring to the forefront issues that men have complained about for years but until this point did not have an impartial source that could validate their claims. The result is an interactive way for men to address issues ranging from loyalty, selfishness, thriftiness, etc. to their own circumstances.

Additionally, we ask that you file evidence along with your cases (in the form of a video or picture) or as just evidence of man law violations that are taking place in your everyday life! If you see someone that is a walking man law violation… take a picture! Cars, clothes, or anything that you believe is a man law violation. Post it to the site, and let everyone vote and have a discussion of what is a man law violation and what is not.